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The complicated rhythmic fabrics woven together by intricate guitar, mandolin and violin, and joined by the expressive vocals create unique progressive folk atmospheres that are definitely some of the best of the period.
Forsaking electric instruments, Dando Shaft nevertheless radiated the same level of energy as electric British folk bands like Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span. Driven by hand percussion and standup bass, the Coventry-based group created a sound marked by intricate patterns and complex textures.
Named after a character in a novel, Dando Shaft began as a five-piece folk-band formed in Coventry in 1968 and comprised of Kevin Dempsey (acoustic guitar/vocals). Martin Jenkins (vocals, mandolin/fiddle/ guitar), Ted Kay (tabla/percussion), Roger Bullen (bass), Dave Cooper (guitar/vocals). Polly Bolton joined as vocalist the following year. They took acoustic instrumentation and folk roots and created a unique sound of their own, high on musical dexterity and compositional ability. Their three albums from the early 1970's An Evening With., Dando Shaft and Lantaloon each unveiled a rich imagination and a fertile plot of musical integrity.