Dando Shaft – Thruxton (Bonus)

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Dando Shaft is the name of a short-lived psychedelic/progressive folk and folk jazz band that was primarily active in the early 1970s. The band has attracted a measure of attention from recent compilation releases and Dando Shaft is today known primarily as one of the major influences on the progressive stream of the 1960s folk revival.


Kevin Dempsey – Guitar, Vocals
Martin Jenkins – Vocals, Flute, Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar
Ted Kay – Tabla, Percussion
Roger Bullen – Bass
Dave Cooper – Guitar, Vocals
Polly Bolton (1970 onward) – Vocals

Discography :

An Evening With Dando Shaft (1970)
Dando Shaft (1971)
Lantaloon (1972)
Kingdom (1977)



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