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Between us we wrote most of the songs in the Dando Shaft catalogue. For more than fifty years our music has been listened-to, enjoyed, copied, leased, bootlegged and stolen. We are even now with our current publishers, trying to claim our fair share of copyright…

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The band were formed in the mid 1960’s in Coventry. The “folk scene” then was lively and exciting. Many venues and clubs. Some with regular audiences of two or three hundred song-struck folkies!  We ran a rocking Sunday lunch time session that featured “Happenings”. With internationally renowned Sculptor, Darrell Viner on multi-media. Those days were a heady mix of raconteurs, balladeers, wild and wonderful songs/singers and musicians. Breathtaking banjo-pickers. The unnamed who would steal your heart, with a an Irish slow air played on a wooden flute.

Dando Shaft brought together a love of acoustic sounds, jazz and traditional folk music mores. From whatever source and wherever we listened. Dando knew they wanted to create original work that was contemporary, worthy and would have a continuance. We played the tunes. Wrote the songs practised until fingers bled. We offer this our best attempts, thanks for your time. 


Any income from downloads on this site will be fair and justly distributed to owner writers and publisher.


We donate 50% of publishers share of all download net income to charity. Check product charity logo for individual artist specified charity.

Currently our chosen charity is Water Aid

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