Essential Jenks ‘Still Carrying Your Smile’


Part 1-Coming Soon!

Martin Jenkins – Sweet Mother Earth (with help from the boys)

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A compilation of the music of Martin Jenkins. This collection includes a download re-release of the 1984 album “Carry Your Smile”

This is a collaboration between Mart’s son Ray and Dando Shaft founder/member Dave Cooper. It is an ongoing project. We hope you enjoy Part 1.



A unique solo album made at Coventry Cabin Studios in 1983. Essential Jenks; Great original songs and sensitive arragements of traditional and classic compositions. Joined here by friends and local Jazzers. Top tunes from the master of Folk-Swing!

Bass [Fretless] – Nigel Portman-Smith
Drums – Paul Brook
Electric Guitar – Kev Dempsey*
Mandocello, Flute, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Martin*
Written-By – M. Jenkins*

Not a Day Can Pass 2:27
Ram Jam Ceilidh Band 3:55
Cannot Keep From Crying 2:55
Unsquare Dance 1:33
Ain’t No Sunshine 4:12
Carry Your Smile 2:55
7 Cluck Old Hen 4:05
The Lover’s Ghost 3:28
Coming Back to Stay 3:35
Sally 3:15
The Parting Glass 3:10
12 Total length: 35:30
Plus a number of historic recordings and bonus tracks.

“This is a treasure of an album of which I’ve only ever seen 4 copies and I bought them all, the first for me and the rest for 3 of my friends who also fell in love with it. Highly eclectic jazzy-folk-soul with ringing mandocello, gritty baritone vocals, exceptional guitar playing and a record that will always make the sun shine on any day at all. It improves every time I listen to it and no matter how much I was offered I would never part with it.”


The “Carry Your Smile” tracks are labelled CD. The other tracks are original work in progress 1982 versions plus a few historic bonus tracks.

Below you will find MP3 previews. This willl change up until final listing.

“Mart’s Promo” Snippet from a typical Jenks humour. It speeds up…

“Magical Hills” 1968 From the very first recording of the band. Zella acetate almost worn away. Written by ‘Frankie’…… of Leicester Causeway, first summer of love.

“Billy The Kid” (R. Cooder.)  Home recording Pig’sear Music 1982

“Crying Sometimes” (D. Graham.) Another preparatory album track. Davey’s folk jazz heart-puller.

“Ain’t No Sunshine” CD (B. Withers.) Funky version of the classic song. Made for Mart.

“Cannot Keep From Crying Sometimes” CD (D. Graham.) Love this arrangement.

“Carry You’re Smile” CD (M. Jenkins.) Beautiful song of longing loss and hope.

“Cluck Old Hen” CD Trad. arranged (M. Jenkins.)

“Sally” CD (M.Jenkins.) Classic Jenk’s with a haunting minor melody.

“Not A Day Can Pass” CD (M. Jenkins.) “April rain into September wine”… Our favourite track. Special.

“The Lovers Ghost” Trad. arranged. (M. Jenkins) A beautiful, haunting song by English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams

“The Raft Song” (Dando Shaft) Mart and Polly sing this lost gem of a song from a 1970 BBC concert recording. Swinging in 11/8 to 7/8 tricky… A plea for kindness

“Ram Jam Ceilidh Band” CD (M. Jenkins) Kick your shoes off…

“Comin Back To Stay” CD (M. Jenkins) Mart wrote this back in ’70. One of his first Mandocello composed songs. Dando recorded several versions.

“September Wine” (Dando Shaft) 1970 Radio broadcast. Smashy says it’s ‘Freaky Folky’ Mandoliny mighty, mate.



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