“Dandojazz” Belgrade Theatre 1977


An unreleased music download collection from a live concert at the Belgrade Theatre in 1977.


This concert features the only live recording of this epoch of our music, “Dandojazz”. A special night! at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry All the original members were joined by Paul Dunmall Sax, Tommy Kearton Fender Rhodes and “Last minute Mike’ on drums. Recently discovered recordings remixed and offered as an 11 track download. In addition we are offering a 3 track bonus, a 1971 BBC Radio Concert download. Sounds Of The 70’s. We are really happy with the quality of the original theatre recordings.  By the mid 70’s the band members continued to explore a variety of musical influences. Kev and Polly spent time in California working with the west coast zeitgeist. Developing the love of Jazz and ensemble works. Mart joined the celebrated Geordie Folk-rockers “Hedgehog Pie” In ’76 Mart and Dave were working as a duo around the UK folk circuit. As a result of Mart’s association with the Newcastle music scene, Rubber Records offered to make an album with us. It was decided to use the opportunity to produce a Dando reunion album. The result the critically acclaimed “Kingdom” was released in ’76. In addition to original members; Polly Bolton, Martin Jenkins, Ted Kay, Kev Dempsey, Dave Cooper it included Danny Thompson Bass, John Stevens Drums, Paul Dunmall Sax, Tommy Kearton Keys and Rod Clements Bass.

The download tracks are HQ m4a.

If you require other audio formats feel free to mail us. admin@dandoshaft.com

You can preview mp3 here:


Track 1 Little Sunflower (F. Hubbard)

Track 2 Kaliope Driver (D.Shaft)

Track 3 Please Let Me Stay With You(D.Shaft)

Track 4 Ye Mariners All A drinking song in 5/4 time. (Trad Arrr. D.Shaft)

Track 5 Irish Rock & Roll (Trad Arrr. D.Shaft)

Track 6 Dance with Me (New Orleans)

Track 7 You’ve Changed (B.Holliday)

Track 8 Freddie’s Tune (F. Hubbard)

Track 9 If I Could Let Go (D.Shaft)

Track 10 Riverboat (D. Shaft) Our favourite live version of this Polly Bolton song(D.Shaft)

Track 11 New Country (J. Luc Ponty)

Bonus Track 1 BBC September Wine (D.Shaft)

BBC 13/9/71 Sounds of the 70s

Bonus Track 2 BBC Amanita Rising

BBC 13/9/71 Sounds of the 70s

Bonus Track 3 BBC Black Prince of Paradise

BBC 13/9/71 Sounds of the 70s