Whitefriars ‘The Last Note’

Whitefriars ‘The Last Note’

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Whitefriars ‘The Last Note’ 1993 Part 1

The last “Dando Shaft and Friends” gig May 1993 Whitefriars Monastery Coventry. “Dando Shaft were one of the most original bands of the early years of England’s progressive-rock. Martin Jenkins on violin, Kevin Dempsey on guitar, Ted Kay on percussion, Roger Bullen on bass and Dave Cooper were basically jazz musicians playing English folk music. They dared do what John Martyn and Pentangle had only hinted to. An Evening With (Youngblood, 1970) was a tentative debut, but Dando Shaft (Neon, 1971), with Polly Bolton on vocals, showed the full extent of their innovation, crowned by Lantaloon (RCA, 1972). After breaking up, the band reunited for the critically acclaimed Kingdom(Rubber, 1977).”

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