Whispering Ned (M.Jenkins)

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Coopz sings a version of Martin Jenkins classic sixties mystical parable. From ‘Final September’ a 2011 Concert and Wake.

Reminded of going with Mart to “Mount Olympus” a colloquial name for a city flat in ’67. The residence of three mystic deep hippies with Santos sugar cubes. Azon, Paul and Whispering John. The later was the inspiration for the song. He was a fine graphic artist and later became a respected master Gilder and Roma flat-cart artist restorer. I am aware that a story circulated that the song was based on an early Roadie and compatriot with the band. Alfie or “The Great Alfredo” could easily have been the man for the job. That is a different tale…

"The Great Alfredo" Alfie McKay doing a card track

I have taken a few liberties with the tune and lyric. I was thinking how he was so good in the minor keys, his tunes and songs and had just learnt the guitar arrangement for “Falling Leaves”.  This version is for Mart. There were no fly’s on him.


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