“Miso Soup” Kevin Dempsey Promo

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Kevin Dempsey. His first solo album “The Cry of Love”

On dandoshaft.com. We can’t wait!

Kevin DempseyMiso Soup
Kevin Dempsey
“I’ve played with them all, Kev’s the best.”
“One of the UK’s most admired and charismatic guitarists.”

Colin Irwin

“Kevin Dempsey is a master of tricky rhythms and effortlessly complicated guitar parts and spreads a wonderfully dignified calm through the turbulent and muddied waters of my outpourings.”

John Kirkpatrick

“A beautiful guitarist.”

Martin Carthy

“Kev plays the kind of things the rest of us dream about.”

Simon Nicol

Kevin Dempsey is an unassuming sort of bloke. His quiet manner and laid back attitude hide a multitude of extraordinary talents as guitarist, singer songwriter, composer, arranger and producer. His wide experience shows in his versatility and ability to turn his hand, and guitar, to many different styles and genres and, for a long time, he has been sought out by other musicians.

Born in 1950 in Coventry, the UK’s industrial heart, Kevin inherited his Dad’s love of Soul and R&B and like his Dad played drums from an early age. It wasn’t until he was sixteen when he went to an Alex Campbell concert that he felt an affinity to Folk music and fell in love with the guitar. He bought a Harmony Sovereign guitar which is still lovingly preserved in his studio today.

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