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  1. Joni is just TOO GOOD! And she's been that way for 50 years… mixing the chords and melodies and lyrics into magic potions. I love her spell. Let it shine on.

  2. My life is better because of Joni Mitchell….Her poetry and music has always held true. She is truly authentic…true to herself…Shine on Joni… Thank you for being part of my life.

  3. I tend to think that Joni is a bit of a  clairvoyant… In 1977, on "Otis & Marlena", she spoke of  "… Muslims stick up Washington", twenty-four years before 9/1/01. 

  4. l watched her blow away Van Morrison and Bob Dylan at UCLA in the late 90s. She outclassed them, outscored them and was on another level talent-wise for the live venue than they were. She is a true genius savant, what the others wished they were.