Dando Shaft – Sounds of the 70s 31/12/70

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The Dandos on SOTS. ‘Railway’, ‘Pass it On’, ‘Whispering Ned’ and two others, The two others differ from the titles given in Ken Garner’s ‘In Session Tonight’ but it’s definitely Stuart Henry (SOTS presenter) at the end of the fifth track. The session’s position on a reel of other items locates it as very late 1970. The only previous DS session was on ‘Folk on One’ in August 1970, and Polly Bolton (heard on the tracks here) was not in the band at that time.



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  1. the 4th song is Shadows Across the Moon, song which remaines unrealeased till they made a reunion in early 90s in Italy with a subsequent live album (called, Shadows across the Moon, by the way…)

  2. Ola Colin, Thanks for posting. The track at 6.58 is a bit of a gem. "The Raft Song" a plea for kindness. This version is unique to this concert. The song later became "The Harp Lady I Bombed" on Lantaloon the third Dando studio album. I would love to get the tracks as AIFF's if possible? Best wishes Coopz•}