RADIO UNNAMEABLE Theatrical Trailer

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Legendary New York disc jockey Bob Fass revolutionized late night FM radio by serving as a cultural hub for music, politics and audience participation for nearly 50 years. Long before today’s innovations in social media, Fass utilized the airwaves for mobilization, encouraging luminaries and ordinary listeners to talk openly, taking the program in surprising directions.

Directed by Paul Lovelace & Jessica Wolfson
Trailer edited by Heather von Rohr



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  1. Having seen the movie twice now, I highly recommend everyone see it twice, because there's so much substance, you'll see things the second time that you missed the first!!!

  2. Going to see this, but the trailer didn't grip me, and I've had a 15-year news-talk radio career. Hope the film is better than this trailer!

  3. Before the internet, cell phones, texting, twitter, and emails,
    Bob Fass and Radio Unnameable were there-linking us together, and offering the opportunity to hear and experience new ideas and new music that was censored and ignored elsewhere. Beginning in the 60's, Bob Fass created and fostered a progressive community via the airwaves of listener-sponsoreed FM radio station WBAI (99.5) in New York City. Thank you Bob. You changed and enriched the lives of many of your listeners. For the better.

  4. This movie was nothing but propaganda to get this geriatric has-been free money from Pacifica and WBAI. It''s a pure puff piece that is self-serving and unfocused. The truth is that Fass hasn't meant a thing to radio since the 1960s. Now he's just a mindless, vicious old man whose program should be called Radio Unlistenable.