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Still Carrying Your Smile
Still Carrying Your Smile

A compilation of the music of Martin Jenkins. The collection includes a download re-release of the 1984 album “Carry Your Smile”

This is a collaboration between Mart’s son Ray and Dando Shaft founder/member Dave Cooper. It is an ongoing project. We hope you enjoy Volume One. Five tracks from ‘Carry Your Smile’ and a further severn selected from his rich musical history. These include preparatory tracks for the album, we almost prefer some, to the finished work. Made with a home 4 track. These were engineered by Pete Rigg 1981-83 @Pigsear Music. All have been remastered and are rendered at 48 khz DVD audio resolution MP3. A single self expanding Zip archive is our preferred delivery method.


Unreleased 43 minute streaming video recording from the last gig at “Whitefriars Monastery”

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